Women's Empowerment, a San Diego based not-for-profit, provides small repayable business loans and services to impoverished women enabling them to start sustainable businesses in hopes of ending the cycle of poverty for the poorest of the poor. WE currently works with poor women in Ghana, Honduras, Mexico and refugees in San Diego. 

Organizations We Support

Generate Hope is a San Diego based organization who offers a real way out for victims of sex trafficking. They provide long-term, comprehensive, housing and recovery program for victims who have been sexually trafficked. They offer a village of support in the forms of crisis intervention, counseling, education, life skills and help to reintegrate them into society with dignity and empowerment. They also actively educated the community, law enforcement and task forces to eradicate human trafficking in San Diego.

The Fistula Foundation works towards the prevention and repair of fistulas, considered the "most frightful affliction of humankind". If a woman's labor is obstructed and childbirth fails, the woman's body is literally broken by childbirth, leaving her incontinent and suffering for the rest of her life almost always as an outcast. Millions of women in the world's poorest countries are suffering from this condition because they can't afford the $450 necessary to correct this easily repaired condition. 

"When we make a difference in ourselves,
​we make a difference in the world."